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Melbourne ( (listen) MEL-bərn; Woiwurrung: Naarm) is the capital and most-populous city of the Australian state of Victoria, and the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Its name refers to an urban agglomeration of 9,993 km2 (3,858 sq mi), comprising a metropolitan area with 31 municipalities, and is also a common name for its city centre. The city occupies much of the coastline of Port Phillip bay and spreads into the Hinterland towards the Dandenong and Macedon ranges, Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. It has a population of 5 million (19% of the population of Australia), and its inhabitants are referred to as "Melburnians".Home to Indigenous Australians for over 40,000 years, the Melbourne area served as a popular meeting place for local Kulin nation clans. A short-lived penal settlement was established at Port Phillip, then part of the British colony of New South Wales, in 1803, but it was not until 1835, with the arrival of free settlers from Van Diemen’s Land (modern-day Tasmania), that Melbourne was founded. It was incorporated as a Crown settlement in 1837, and named Melbourne in honour of the then British Prime Minister, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. In 1851, four years after Queen Victoria declared it a city, Melbourne became the capital of the new colony of Victoria. In the wake of the 1850s Victorian gold rush, the city entered a lengthy boom period that, by the late 1880s, had transformed it into one of the world's largest and wealthiest metropolises. After the federation of Australia in 1901, it served as the interim seat of government of the new nation until Canberra became the permanent capital in 1927. Today, it is a leading financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region and ranks 15th in the Global Financial Centres Index.Melbourne is home to many of Australia's best-known landmarks, such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Gallery of Victoria and the World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building. Noted for its cultural heritage, the city gave rise to Australian rules football, Australian impressionism and Australian cinema, and has more recently been recognised as a UNESCO City of Literature and a global centre for street art, live music and theatre. It hosts major annual international events, such as the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Open, and also hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Melbourne consistently ranked as the world's most liveable city for much of the 2010s.Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the second busiest airport in Australia, and the city's port is the nation's busiest seaport. Its main metropolitan rail terminus is Flinders Street station and its main regional rail and road coach terminus is Southern Cross station. It also has Australia's most extensive freeway network and the largest urban tram network in the world.

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  1. J

    VIC How to choose a family lawyer?

    Hi everyone, Just separated from my ex and she has decided to engage a family lawyer for asset split. I have met with a lawyer and paid for an initial appointment today. However, the feeling I got from her was that she was only interested in getting my money, not giving me advice. In a...
  2. OracleImmigrationConsult

    VIC What is the expiry for NAATI?

    NAATI UPDATE Credentialed Community Language (CCL) credentials issued from 9 August 2022 will have a five-year validity period. This is an increase from the previous three-year validity period. What does this change mean for you? Any CCL credentials issued after 9 August 2022 will...
  3. cinnamon

    VIC Melbourne Lawyer with payment plan

    Hi. I am in need to a Family Law specialist/ lawyer in Melbourne ASAP. I am quite far into my Family Law matter since this process started in February 2020 in which my first hearing took place, therefore there is an existing history. We have interim court orders in place including an IVO against...
  4. Skateboard

    Bank of Melbourne home loan and personal account closed.

    My partner received notice from her bank informing her that her home loan and personal accounts would be closed. The letter stated that - “a commercial decision was made and that the bank will no longer provide banking or financial services. The decision was made after careful...
  5. N

    Access along dunny lane, inner west of Melbourne

    I live in Kingsville in Melbourne's inner west. Almost all houses in the area have a lane running along the back which can be used for rear access. As in most cases the lane behind my block has two exits to the streets either side. I own my block and have lived there for more than 12 years now...
  6. F

    gay couple living in Melbourne on student visa we want to claim asylum because one is from pakistan.

    gay couple living in Melbourne on student visa we want to claim asylum because one is from pakistan and other is from india. we can't go back.. need legal advice
  7. P

    VIC Defamation Victoria Melbourne

    DEFAMATION Victoria Hi All, I have situation where an organization, in Victoria, led by an individual (the president) has used, what I believe to be false and misleading information which has led to the cancellation of my membership. As Im a professional person in this same industry, this has...
  8. Michael Birch

    What scenarios can push melbourne CBD rental prices down? (other than oversupply)

    What scenarios can push Melbourne CBD rental prices down? (other than oversupply) I can't think of any other reasons why rental prices would come down?
  9. A

    VIC International student. Divorce.

    Hi I am an international student on student visa living in Melbourne for a month now and was married back in my home country and my spouse is still there. There has been a process for her dependent visa but circumstances changed. Is it possible to get a divorce from here?
  10. C

    Mobile phone fine at melbourne airport

    Here is an interesting one.. i was waiting in the queue at T1 arrivals lane entering Melbourne airport. I looked at my mobile too see what time it was - i did not press any buttons, make any connection or put the phone to my ear, just looked at it while my foot is on the break waiting in line...