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26 May 2015
I have an ex partner who has relocated with our daughter 6 hours away. We had a verbal agreement to meet fortnightly half way. Then she has moved it to every three weeks and now won't meet half way at all. I work part time so am on a very low income and cannot afford to drive that far to collect my daughter, bring her to my place and then return her again 1 day later.

I really want to work out an arrangement that works for us all, but she just won't listen. Help!

What can I do, mediation?


Well-Known Member
23 July 2014
Yes, your first step is family dispute resolution to try and reach agreement with the other party about care arrangements for the child.

Legal Aid can provide this service and will ordinarily facilitate both parties having a legal representative there for guidance. If you don't want lawyers around, though, (they sometimes exacerbate conflict, rather than fix it) then a community service such as Relationships Australia might be more suitable.

If you're unable to reach agreement, then the mediator will administer a certificate enabling you to pursue the matter through the court.

Hopefully it won't reach that point though. If mediation is unsuccessful, feel free to return for more information about your options.