WA Family Court Release of Medical Information to Ex

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6 August 2014
My question is, a WA family court ordered a woman who has a chronic illness to release all her medical documents to her ex partner, current and constant future documents. Client agreed to this under duress at first court hearing. How can she change it, her ex should not have access to her medical information her condition does not affect her ability to look after her child.
How can she stop this condition in the court the ex is only doing this to try and get full custody of child however the child is well looked after and in no danger due to mothers medical condition.

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
I suggest you obtain formal medical evidence (a medical report may suffice)
stating that your condition does not present an impediment to your caring for your child,
and put that before the court.

I'd also be thinking about appealing the order requiring ongoing production of documents
to a lay person.
I'd be thinking about whether or not I'd be able to argue that such a person is,
by definition, not qualified to interpret the technical medical content.