NSW False Allegations from Partner's Ex - What to Do Under Family Law?

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9 February 2016
We are going to family court to make our parenting plan agreement court ordered as my partner's ex is breaking it because it's not family court ordered. She was court ordered to file a response to our application by Jan but still hasnt. She has kept the kids from us since the middle of Jan and is accusing my partner of domestic violence against me, which is 100% false.

We have a baby in the house and his 2 kids 50/50 custody of children. She booked their daughter into a psychologist without my partner's permission and got her to say we fight and he abuses me. What are our chances of getting what we want under Family Law now that she's lying and doing this?


It's ultimately up to you to prove to the court your version of the facts. Generally, a court is in a good position to assess the credibility of each party and is often able to decipher fact from fiction.