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    9 October 2019
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    My ex used to gift money on a regular basis. Upon breaking up he got quite aggressive and I responded to his email saying I would pay even though I didn't agree they were loans.

    I have received a letter of demand which was very vague from a lawyer. I replied seeking more details, and asking what the outcome will be if I agreed to pay (amount in under 2k)

    I am happy to pay, but my concern has arisen since the lawyers reply, which 1) did not give more details of the debt 2) did not confirm the matter would be settled if I paid. I am especially concerned by the last paragraph which states 'all rights are reserved and my client will rely on this letter if needed on the question of costs'

    If I pay can he ask for further amounts? Can he ask for me to pay his legal costs? I move very soon and do not wish to go to court, and want to resolve this as straightforward as possible.

    Based in SA.
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    Hi Susan,
    Clarify what amount will be accepted in full payment. So no generally if that figure is paid, that is it. Legal costs can’t be required to be paid unless and until proceedings are issued. Good luck.

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