QLD Ex Giving Out My Mobile Phone Number on Dating Sites

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12 April 2015
Hi all. My partner's ex and her new boyfriend are making dating site profiles (usually under her name with her photo) and then chatting to guys giving out my mobile phone number or my partners asking the guys to send naked photos. Is there anything we can do?


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27 May 2014
Yes, get your proof together and talk to the police in the first instance.


Its unfortunate that adults can't behave like adults, but what she is doing could amount to criminal activity.

It’s illegal to have, use or give out someone else’s personal information in order to harass, stalk or offend someone online. What's more it is essentially identity theft to create a fake account or profile of someone else. I would contact the police with whatever evidence you can come up with, she could face charges for stalking or using the internet in a menacing, harassing or offensive way, and if she has given out your personal information it could also border on identity theft.

She is probably also in breach of the terms of use of the dating site, giving rise to civil wrongs - if they wanted to pursue it. Do you know the dating site she is using? Perhaps you could find out through one of your naked bachelors. Then contact the dating site and let them know - they may take action themselves at least to delete the profile and stop it happening.