WA Ex Drink Driving with Children - Full Custody of Children?

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4 August 2014
A year ago my ex and I split due to his alcohol abuse. We planned our own custody of children arrangement which sees him having our two young boys every fortnight for a weekend. On 3-4 occasions, he has brought the children home to me but had been clearly drink driving, and perhaps reckless driving. I do not trust him and do not want him to pick up my children anymore. I understand children need both parents but right now I need advice on what to do next before I lose patience and go for full custody.


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23 July 2014
Perhaps you can negotiate dropping the children off, or that neither parent is to drink alcohol when the child is under their care.

Just try and remember that you probably won't get 'full custody', not just because 'custody' is a term the court no longer uses, but because shared care arrangements are the presumption. The father is already on basically the lowest amount of care courts offered to parents where they aren't physically violent or sexually abusive, so if anything, he will likely get more time, not less.