notice to vacate

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  1. blackray

    Notice to vacate issued within lease terms

    Newbie here. Our family has been issued a notice to vacate within 60 days since early March. Reason: property need to be prepared for selling. Due to schooling and other reasons, we need to react to that quickly and find a place to settle down. We have then landed a new property and...
  2. S

    NSW Terminating Rude / Abusive / Inconsiderate Housemate NOT ON LEASE

    Hello I’m in need of URGENT advice. Basically four of us moved into a unit. Me and my boyfriend (on lease), one friend (on lease) and his twin brother (not on lease). The twin brother is a nuisance here is why: - we agreed on chores, he does NOTHING - he has a girl living with him who...
  3. A

    VIC Enforce notice to vacate

    My partner and I moved to a house in May. I am the only one on the lease. I work full time and he is unemployed. I was paying 80% of rent and bills. He was never on time paying me his share. In September I broke up with him and he stayed on as my housemate. We now split rent and internet 50/50...
  4. P

    NSW Notice to Vacate for Tenants with Four-Year Lease?

    My wife has a disability support pension and I have a carer pension. We are renting a house in Sydney. We moved into the current property as tenants in June 2015. On the lease application I was asked to state the desired tenancy term for which I stated 4 years. The application was accompanied...
  5. M

    VIC VCAT - How to Delay a Warrant of Possession?

    Hi. Can anyone help me? I'm wanting to know if there is anyway of slowing down a warrant of possession? I first went to VCAT at the beginning of may as the owner wanted me out as he wanted to do renovations. The judge overturned it as he didn't explain everything in notice and the judge...
  6. T

    VIC Commercial Lease - Am I Responsible for all These Costs?

    I'm finishing up a commercial lease in January and am unsure whether the landlord is charging outgoings incorrectly (I have been dealing directly with the landlord, not an agent). I have not ever received any statements or estimates for my outgoings and have been reimbursing the landlord. I...
  7. L

    VIC Can I Claim Compensation for Insufficient Notice to Vacate?

    I am in a house share with a particularly difficult housemate. She has been living at the property for several years, myself, 18 months. My name was never put on the tenancy agreement, however, a paid 1 month's rent as bond upon moving in, which I have proof of via bank statement only, no...
  8. T

    NSW Am I Still Able to Collect Rent Under Property Law?

    I rent out a property to a distant family member and I fell on hard times and received a Notice to Vacate.I managed to turn things around with hardwork and help from a close family member and saved my property from foreclosure. The Notice to Vacate was cancelled. My tenant was advised this...
  9. C

    VIC Notice to Vacate - How Much Notice to Give a Subtenant?

    Hi everyone, I have rented out a room in my home with my landlord's verbal permission (he is a friend). I stated no pets on the ad as my landlord doesn't like dogs and neither do I, plus I have 2 indoor cats which I also stated. A lesbian couple responded, inspected the room and bathroom...
  10. R

    VIC Notice to Vacate - Follow Fixed Term or Periodic Term Rules?

    Hi, Would love some help on this matter, please? (= We have recently been sent a 90 day Notice to vacate letter. Registered post on the 24th Nov and received on the 30th as we live in the rural area. Termination date is on the 25th Feb (so correct 94 days given) Our 12-month lease expired on...