QLD Employer Fired Me On The Spot - Is This Unfair Dismissal?

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10 September 2015
I (up until yesterday) worked for a small fabrication and welding workshop in central Queensland and I received my first and final warning a month or so ago for unacceptable after hours conduct (however I was unaware my conduct was wrong), that happened to effect the company I was working for.

Anyway, yesterday my employer found that I had double handled a component on the job I was working on and thought that I was intentionally wasting his time, He gave me an opportunity to explain why I had double handled the job and was unhappy with my answer he fired me on the spot.

Anyway my question is, does he have grounds under Employment Law to fire me for such a ridiculous reason just because I was issued a final warning letter? Also what would I be entitled to as my employee rights should it be classed as unfair dismissal?

edit: I was working at the company for approx 18 months.