VIC duplex on property

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greg wilian

21 June 2020
i want to demolish my house and give the block to our daughter for a duplex so she can live in one side and us in the other we are pensioners so have very little money,hence can our daughter pay for the new property and get two titles one for her and one for our own


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Yes. It is not straight forward however it can be done with the correct paperwork.

Would you be living with your daughter while the property is demolished and rebuilt?

Is your daughter married/in relationship? If yes, have you thought about what happens if she splits from her partner?

This is all something we can help you with.
Before doing anything, you ought to check with a financial planner about the Centrelink consequences (if any). The last thing you want is for your pensions to be affected. Having said that, I do believe it is doable, but you ought to get lots of advice first.