WA Property Law - Responsible for Removal of Neighbour's Meters on Our Property?

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7 October 2015
Can you please help me on who is responsible for the removal of our back neighbour's gas and power meters that are attached to our house on a outside wall within our property boundary?

We are demolishing our house and rebuilding a new house all within our property. We has spoken to Atco gas, Western Power and the council, and they all seem to think it is the neighbour's cost and responsibility to remove and replace their meters onto there property.

The neighbour is objecting to having to pay anything and thinks since we are demolishing the house, it is our responsibility to remove his meters from our house onto his land.

Hopefully you can give me some help on this Property Law issue.

Many many thanks



Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Suez,

How did the gas and power metre of your neighbour end up on your property?

Along with the authorities you have spoken too, my understanding as that as it is his property he should be responsible for it.

Perhaps in this situation it may be best to consider getting legal advice. Perhaps he could be formally advised that if he does not pay for the removal of the metre then the costs will be charged to him along with the solicitor's bills.

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