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Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Mike87, 9 September 2018.

  1. Mike87

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    9 September 2018
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    Good morning!

    Recently a search warrant was executed at my home, after smashing through the front door the police immediately cuffed me and arrested me for drug trafficking. This seemed strange to me because this was prior to conducting the search.

    Nothing was found during the search and I was taken back to the police station for an interview.

    During the interview they read out text messages and phone calls between myself and a friend who's phone was tapped. Nothing that was spoken about was obviously In relation to drugs, however the police allege that we were talking in code to one another.

    I gave a no comment interview and was charged for traffick meth.

    Will these charges hold up in court? Are text messages that could be taken a couple of ways enough to convict?

    Thankyou in advance for your input.
  2. Tony Danos

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    29 November 2016
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    It's all about the evidence. What was found during the search ie drugs, cash, scales, deal bags, mobile phone with texts that sales had taken place. Police can call evidence to state that code words are for drugs. It all depends. The charges are serious so "lawyer up"!!
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  3. Adam1user

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    5 January 2018
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    it's my 2cents, the police will not do anything like that if they don't have enough evidence, as they say there is no smoke without fire.
    I don't know your history, you know this more than I do. best thing to do as Tony mentioned is to get a lawyer.

    There is a extremely low probability that the police made a mistake (which I doubt they made a mistake), this will be your lucky day and if so, buy yourself the lotto tickets....
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  4. DMLegal

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    28 May 2018
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    For what it's worth you would have been arrested on suspicion of trafficking. Interesting you were charged with no further evidence, I also reiterate Tony's recommendation, Lawyer Up / Barrister Up

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