QLD Does Executor of will have to inform beneficiaries of distribution of assets

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30 December 2020
My father-in-law passed away 6 weeks ago and his wife had passed away 9 weeks prior. A few days after my Mother-in-law had passed away my Nephew talked my father-in-law into making a new will in which he was named Executor of will.
Also at this time my father-in-law was wanting to pay for his wife's cremation. Nephew got my Father-in-law to request a bank statement. This is when he decided to accuse my wife of taking advantage her father because of different transactions that he had made. He used the provocative word hacked account. As his mothers side of the family had not had much if any contact with him over the years they had no idea that he never did anything he didn't want himself.
So when father-in-law died there had been no contact between us for weeks. But as executor of the will is it his responsibility to contact us? I have heard (unsubstantiated) that he has given his mother some of the estate.
Second question we paid for my wife's mothers' cremation. Can we put this as a debt against the estate? Is there a time limit? and what if we don't know the executors address?