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20 June 2020
Please Help
My daughter brought a car second hand from a private sale for $2610 because he made her pay transfer cost. Exactly 3 weeks to the day of purchase it broke down on the road, she had RACV so the car was taken to repair shop a day later I was contacted by the mechanic and he said it keeps blowing a fuse and he would need time to try and locate the actual reason for this happening. I then received a call saying that it’s to do with dodgy wiring where it looks like someone tried to bypass the same problem before he said it could cost thousands to find out what has been done to the wiring. Does she have a leg to stand on if she wants to take them to court for competition as they have said that they would not refund her money. She is a student and working part time and the car was meant to be able to get her to and from uni and work.


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2 February 2019
You've already contacted the previous owner and told them and they are refusing to refund you the money? We don't have lemon laws in this country like they do in Canada, you pretty much waive your consumer protection. This isn't much use to you now as you've already bought the car, but next time get a mechanic to do a pre-sale check, they usually cost around $100, plus do a REVS check and go to this webiste Car History Check & Vehicle Report | CarHistory | CarHistory.

What state are you in? And where was the car advertised? Did the advert say the car was in good working order?

Also is it worth taking the car to an auto-electrician instead of a mechanic, it might not be as big a job as the mechanic is saying it is.

What car and year?