QLD District court procedure

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12 February 2019
A hearing date has been set and the other side have some orders that are now filed.
I need some help with these orders please.

At the trial of this proceeding evidence in chief is to be by way of affidavit.
Does this mean that we cannot take in all the evidence that we have from disclosure and use this at trial.

All parties file and serve any further affidavit material upon which they intend to rely by 1 October 2020.
We are subpoenaing some witnesses, do I write affidavits on their behalf to say that they will be a witness and advise what evidence they will be giving.

By 1 October 2020 each party serve on the other a list of witnesses they intend to call and affidavits that are intended to be read at trial.

Some help in understanding this would be most welcome.