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QLD Discretionary Trust Structure - How Does It Work?

Discussion in 'Commercial Law Forum' started by Girlworld, 11 September 2015.

  1. Girlworld

    Girlworld Member

    11 September 2015
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    John is self-employed as a mechanic and wants to operate a business through a discretionary trust structure with a corporate trustee being ABC Pty Ltd. How does this structure work? Is he simply employed by the trust (who has an ABN), or should he operate from another company XYZ Pty Ltd from within the trust, and is this under another ABN? And is this legal in QLD and Australia? Also how is PAYG and GST applied? More than one question I know..

    Thanks in Advance for any help.
  2. rebeccag

    rebeccag Well-Known Member

    8 April 2014
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    John should speak with his accountant and/or a business lawyer for financial advice and commercial legal advice on his specific circumstances (more than what you could say in a public legal forum.
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