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In real estate in the United States, a deed of trust or trust deed is a legal instrument which is used to create a security interest in real property wherein legal title in real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan (debt) between a borrower and lender. The equitable title remains with the borrower. The borrower is referred to as the trustor, while the lender is referred to as the beneficiary.

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    NSW Trustees not showing me trust Deed

    Hi everyone, Im a beneficiary in a Discretionary investment trust. My parents are the Trustees of this trust, and it contains property+and other assets eg cars and money. They are refusing to show me the trust deed or tell me when vesting date of the trust is.. They might of even closed down the...
  2. D

    Do I need to register a trust deed

    I have completed a deceased estate trust deed, a non-dutiable instrument that is a deed of trust with no property titles involved, only superannuation and bank accounts of the deceased. Do I need to register this deed of trust with some Qld. Gov't Department, given that it has no requirement to...
  3. A

    NSW Mum wants will to pass to kids but prohibit sale of family home

    Mum's making a will - her main asset is the family home - in her will she wants to split equally residual assets b/w the 3 adult kids and for the 3 adult kids to share equally in the family home - but doesn't want the home to be sold (ie. to then have it pass onto grandkids....). I've done some...
  4. K

    Corporate Trustees and Trust Deeds

    I am looking to establish a corporate trustee trust structure ( Corporate trustee -> Trust -> Holding Co -> Operating co) for a startup, where the corporate trustee holds 100% of the shares in the holding company on trust for the beneficiaries. My confusion has come around how to make the shares...
  5. W

    VIC Death Benefit Paid to Beneficiary Who Died 3 Weeks Later?

    My parents have passed away recently within 20 days of each other. My mother was a member of a APRA retail superannuation fund in pension phase with no insurance attached (over 70yrs). The death benefit was the accumulated balance in the fund. My father was her dependent beneficiary at her...
  6. D

    NSW Constitution - Use of Shortened Name on Legal Documents?

    Hi there, I have a situation whereby a Unit Trust Deed (for which the trustee is a company) was signed by the directors of the trustee company. One of the directors was listed using a shortened name (e.g Ben instead of Benjamin, Mick instead of Michael). The director isn't one of the unit...
  7. J

    WA Using Trust Funds to Assist Child Support Payments?

    I have 2 children - 14 and 15. My wife and I separated about 7 years ago. My wife passed away almost 2 years ago. Her superannuation company determined to place her super funds into 2 separate trust accounts for my children and appointed me as the immediate next of kin to be the trustee of the...
  8. L

    NSW Trustee Advice - (Company as Trustee)

    Hi We're looking to set up a Discretionary Trust to provide protection for our business (currently set up as a company, with 2 even shareholders that are a couple). We would like the business protected from any personal debts and the opposite so we're protected personally from any...
  9. S

    NSW General Rights of a Beneficiary to a Trust Fund?

    In a Discretionary Trust fund, do the Trustees have to notify the Beneficiary that the Trust is being cancelled/closed down? Can you be a Trustee and a Beneficiary on the same Discretionary trust fund? Can you Distribute the assets or money in the Trust fund before the vesting date if there is...
  10. S

    NSW Do Estoppel Principles Get Used Much in Commercial Litigation?

    Does Estoppel principles of law get used alot today in commercial litigation disputes anymore? For example, in commercial transactions from reneging on agreements to buy a company for a certain amount of money, in inheritance and Trust fund battles (eg making promises in a Trust deed not to...