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  1. K

    Corporate Trustees and Trust Deeds

    I am looking to establish a corporate trustee trust structure ( Corporate trustee -> Trust -> Holding Co -> Operating co) for a startup, where the corporate trustee holds 100% of the shares in the holding company on trust for the beneficiaries. My confusion has come around how to make the shares...
  2. L

    NSW Trustee Advice - (Company as Trustee)

    Hi We're looking to set up a Discretionary Trust to provide protection for our business (currently set up as a company, with 2 even shareholders that are a couple). We would like the business protected from any personal debts and the opposite so we're protected personally from any...
  3. D

    NSW Is This a Breach of Trust Law?

    My 3 daughters were aged 5, 3 and 2 when my wife passed from cancer aged only 37. My wife was due to receive an inheritance from her mum's estate which had not been finalised at the time of her being told he had terminal cancer. My wife, on her family's insistence, left what money that was owed...
  4. S

    NSW Discretionary Trust Fund - How to Remove Trustee?

    In a Discretionary Trust Fund, is it possible for the Beneficiary to apply and remove Trustees, if there not happy with their conduct, and believe they are mismanaging the Trust Funds assets as trustee?
  5. H

    NSW Trust Account - Sister Is Trustee

    Hi I have the following question : My Sister is the trustee to some money my mother left me when she passed I have asked my sister to pay off my mortgage with the money as it will just cover it and wipe out my debt completely (she says she will agree if I can guarantee that she will not place...