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WA Defamation Through Facebook by Ex's Friend - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Defamation Law Forum' started by Carol1980, 12 May 2016.

  1. Carol1980

    Carol1980 Member

    12 May 2016
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    Ok, guys bit of a long one, but help needed, please.

    So long story short:

    I left my husband almost 2 years ago (domestic violence, we now co-parent and speak normally)
    So for the last 18 months, a friend of my husband has continuously made false Facebook posts about me.

    1. I bully his children (I speak to his children every day one of them is bullied by classmates. I make sure every day that she not on her own and has someone to play with).

    2. That I'm having an affair with a teacher that is my child's teacher (Again, not true. I'm in a new relationship with a member of the ADF. Yes, at one point I did have a relationship with this teacher, before he was my child's teacher and was completely outside of the school)

    3. That a pupil caught myself and said teacher having sex in the school and were caught by a pupil (Again, untrue. We never approached or spoke to each other in school)

    4. That I continuously had affairs (Not once in 16 years were their any cases of infidelity, any relationship I have had have been since the marriage was over)

    5. Both parties continuously converse on social media telling each other to make various complaints about myself or my children.

    I have messaged this man directly and asked him to stop, to which the answer I received was "do one, karma is coming for you."

    The latest public post, although I was not named by name, only my initials, also stated in a comment "Maybe we should pay someone to rape her but she would prob enjoy that". They are now also insinuating that the teacher involved is a paedophile.

    I'm really not sure what to do about this defamation. It's gotten bad that my GP has prescribed diazepam to try and stop the panic attacks that these posts create.
  2. Curiousmind

    Curiousmind Member

    12 May 2016
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    Hi Carol,

    Sorry, you are going through this. This is a serious issue and social bullying of a sexual nature is also a form of sexual harassment.

    I found this on the website and hope the following information assists. If you feel you have been sexually harassed, you can make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. Complaints must be made in writing or by email. This can be done by downloading a complaints form or completing the online complaint form.

    There is no cost involved in making a complaint. Complaints can be made in any language, in Braille, or verbally on a video or audio tape. The Commission can also help you write out your complaint if you require assistance.

    The Complaints section of the Commission’s website has more information about the complaints process. Alternatively, for further information, or to discuss a complaint with a Complaints Information Officer or email

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