Deceased Estate - Property Left in a Will

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13 May 2015
Hi guys, I have a problem where my father left myself and my siblings property in his will. He passed away in 2005 (deceased estate). The will says that the properties go to our mother and upon her death, passes onto us. She passed away in 2012. The executors have refused to sign these properties over and have also tried to sell them. My solicitor has advised me to go to the NSW Supreme Court but I have to put up $40,000 upfront .

Is this correct? Does this have to be that complicated when it states in the will what has to be done?


winston wolf

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21 April 2014
Welcome to the world of e$tate law.
Sorry to say there is no office of dodgy executors. You have to head off the Supreme court.

If you go to court and the "bad" executors are show to have failed in their duty and they are beneficiaries you have a chance that the cost could be paid from their share.
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