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  1. J

    Conflict of Interest? Using same family lawyer as conveyance

    Hi . My brother is currently going through separation with his wife and they are selling their house. She wants to use the same solicitor that she is using for family law for the conveyancing. I would have thought this would be a conflict of interest though?
  2. M

    QLD New Partner's involvement in Home Sale, Conveyancing and Property Settlement

    My ex partner and I have just sold a home. We were in defacto rel. w 1 child and separated 10 months ago. He entered into a new relationship 8 months ago and lives with her. His new partner keeps butting into our property settlement and is causing problems. We can't seem to come to an agreement...
  3. D

    NSW Terminating land contract - loosing deposite

    Hi i have signed land purchasing contract in Sydney. paid 10% deposite. signed contract before 1 year. now its going to be register in 2 months. Is there any way i can terminate the contract without loosing deposite.. in the worst case if i am ready to lose 10% deposite (Worst cast) , then is...
  4. B

    QLD Purchasing Property from Family & Repaying them instead of bank

    Good afternoon, I am after some advice about purchasing property from family. My partner and I are wanting to purchase his childhood home from his mother (which we have already discussed with her), however, we are unsure how it will all work. All parties agree that everything will be done...
  5. E

    VIC Withdrawal from land contract and deposit refund

    Hi, I'm needing some guidance where my husband and I would like to withdrawal from a land contract of sale, and try and get our deposit back. The contract is quite iron tight where we are unable to nominate third parties not directly related to us, or where we are a 50% shareholder of a...
  6. C

    VIC Sister Withdrawing Offer - What are My Property Rights?

    I received an offer from my sister's lawyer for the purchase of my share in a (holiday) property. The letter clearly confirmed the offer (no t&c), so I wrote back accepting the offer. 10 days later, I received details of notes he sent to a barrister (preparing a deed of settlement?) and details...
  7. J

    QLD How to Get Conveyancing Lawyers to Release Money?

    Hi everyone. My wife and I have agreed to a property settlement and the consent orders have been signed. We have the proceeds from the sale of the house held by the conveyancing lawyers. I want the money released now as it is my impression that if we both sign, it can be released. Simply...
  8. J

    NSW Property Law - What are the Roles and Responsibility of Vendor?

    Under Property Law, what are the respective key practical and legal roles and responsibilities of a vendor or where appointed, a solicitor/conveyancer and a real estate agent, generally? And what are stages of the usual process in the sale and purchase of a residential land in NSW, either at an...
  9. R

    VIC How to Get Deposit for Business Back Under Commercial Law?

    We were buying shoe a repair in the shopping centre, paid $10000 deposit, but the seller spoke to my conveyancing daughter. We asked for the deposit back as we didn't want to buy the business as we thought it's not viable. One of the specialists said as we were recommended by an accountant and...
  10. E

    QLD Executor of Will Nominated - Who is the Seller of Deceased Estate?

    My mother passed away 04/08/2015. We tried to get her will changed prior to her death so that her three children could be executors. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do this. Her deceased estate was left to her solicitor to act as executor of will. Her deceased estate includes her share...