QLD Criminal Law - Penalty for First Offence of Possession of Drugs?

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Johny Hat

17 October 2015
I'm wondering what the penalty under Criminal Law is for being found in possession of, approximately, 1/4 of a gram of cocaine. This being a 1st offence with no prior history? The charge brought against the Offender is "possess dangerous drugs".


Hi Johny Hat,

Cocaine is listed in Schedule 1 Part 1 to the Drugs Misuse Regulations and the amount you were carrying was less than the prescribed amount in Schedule 3 of the regulations which for Cocaine is 2g. Therefore the Maximum penalty would be 15 years imprisonment. I understand that in some cases if you convince the court that you are a drug dependent person then you may have your sentence reduced and probably have to do some rehabilitation program or something.

Not sure what the minimum is that they hand out though.