QLD Criminal Law Hearing - Will Legal Aid Lawyer Represent Me?

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Nicholas Kyle

16 May 2015
I currently have been assigned a lawyer through legal aide in queensland and have had no correspondence from the lawyer I have been appointed. I was present at my last criminal law court hearing and an article clerk,who was there representing me,assured me that a lawyer would be in contact with me within a few days. I am , however, stil waiting for someone to return my numerous phone calls to the law firm that, according to Legal Aid QLD, have been appointed to represent me.

I am due in court tomorrow and am wondering if I should be present for my hearing or assume that I will be represented as I was last at my last hearing six weeks ago.

Thank you.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Nicholas,

I apologise for the delay in response. Your question must have fallen through the cracks somehow. How did the court appearance go?

You should always be present for a court hearing if you can. This is because it shows to the court that you are serious about the court matter and respectful toward the court process.

Given the huge workload legal aid handles, and the fact there is a shortage of legal aid lawyers, do not be too disheartened that you are having difficulties communicating with your appointed lawyer. They do aim to contact the client before court, however, this cannot always be done unfortunately. However, you can expect your lawyer to be prepared for the matter and handle it competently.