QLD Criminal Law - Accidentally Went into Child Pornography Site?

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20 March 2016
I came across something that terrified me and has me hanging by a thread. I was looking for porn (please don't judge) and I was looking for "young porn" referring to a range of 18-25 since I'm only 17; I wanted something a little closer to my age.

When I clicked on a video, a new tab suddenly opened showing a message that said something about being illegal and a fine was shown. I don't remember exactly what it said but I do remember the words: illegal, child pornography, fine and government. Please do note that I had no intentions of finding this and the reason why I didn't actually read the whole thing was because I closed it as soon as I could, but it wouldn't let me so I went into settings, erased the whole history and reset my iPad immediately.

I'm extremely worried and scared. Can I get in some kind of trouble with Criminal Law if I was only there for a few seconds and if it was an accident? Can that page actually be from the government or is it a kind of ad or a sick joke someone is playing on me?

Please answer quick.