VIC Contesting a Will for Grandkids?

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1 June 2015
Husband X passed away just over 12 months ago, leaving wife K and two youngs kids, in a very bad financial situation. Husband's father passes away just recently, leaving sociopathic mother in law who claims only will makes her sole beneficiary and executor. Deceased estate is significant. Grandfather offered to help K, if she needed.

Does K, have grounds for contesting a will for provision for kids' education?

Does probate need to be sorted for the will be be deemed valid, or is there any way she can get out of going for probate and still be paid as sole beneficiary?

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
The first thing you need to do is work out whether or not there is a valid will.
This will include making an application for probate, yes.
The grant of probate is the legal mechanism that shows that the will is valid.

As to anything for the (grand)children - that's a thing called a "Family Provision Claim".
It can be complex.
I suggest that in the circumstances, you may need formal legal advice.