NSW Consent Orders - Who has Responsibility for Child's Education?

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Dad in trouble

Active Member
3 March 2017

I hope a legal professional can help me about my new issue that has arisen.

My child's mother and I have consent orders, which of relevance say that the mother has sole responsibility as to the child's education.

It is my recollection that a number of years ago, the mother enroled the child at the current public school, prior to any orders, but this was subsequently confirmed by the family court making an urgent order about school enrolment so that the child was enroled there.

The mother has consulted a lawyer and she claims that the lawyer advised that the public school fees is both parents' responsibility. Since the mother has paid from Kindergarten until now (about 4 years now) the mother states it's now my turn to pay.

I used to pay child support, but as I have no job now the current child support assessment for both parents is nil.

It's good to find this forum after so many years because the mother seems to raise more issues even though we have parenting orders.

Looking forward to seeing the legal help



Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
Nope - there are no rules about who pays... Now unless she is on a huge income, she would be getting family tax benefit...

Don't suppose she is giving any of that money to you? Of course not, nor should she.

Mate you paid child support when you were assessed to have to pay it. So you were playing by the rules... Well there is no rule about school fees, so nope you don't have to pay them...

She can say it is your turn to pay - and you can so no... How easy was it to fix that problem...

Hoang Trang

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22 July 2016
I'm trying to sweeten the deal by not asking for any child support and be financially responsible for my kids. That includes private school fees, etc


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23 July 2014
No, there's no obligation for you to cover half the school fees unless it's in your orders. If it's not, the child support payments are you contribution, and if you're assessed at zero, so be it.