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NSW Conciliation Conference re: property settlement

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Alleichar, 4 August 2017.

  1. Alleichar

    Alleichar Active Member

    9 June 2017
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    Hi next week is the conciliation conference regarding property settlement which I'll be attending in person. The applicant party has decided to attend via phone. I have provided the applicant copies of the house valuations by 2 seperate real estates as the judge ordered. I will be bringing to the conference other documents that support my financial statement and affidavit as that is what I was told that what ever I had in both of those documents I had to have evidence to back it up. I have no solicitor and can not access one via legal aid or law access due to " conflict of interest " my question is this. Do I need to provide copies of documentation to the applicants party. If so does it need to be done before the conciliation? Thankyou

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