WA Clarification of Parking Fines?

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10 February 2016

Info re parking breaches state the company would need a Magistrates court order to get personal details to enforce the parking fines. What about "the vehicle will be placed on a immobilisation list and may be clamped until the notice has been paid"?

"In addition court proceedings may be taken against you", etc

Your help /clarification is much appreciated.


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31 October 2015
Hi Gemm,

I'm not sure what needs clarifying. By using paid parking (of a type such as Wilsons), you are entering into a contract. A breach of the contract (not paying or displaying a paid receipt) can result in them taking your details. To convert the vehicle rego into owners information they will need to seek authority to have the information released.

Once they have the vehicle owners details they pursue the owner of the vehicle for unpaid parking and any administration costs through Magistrates court again. The part about the immobilisation list and clamping sounds like they will do just that if a vehicle is left on the property without a displayed parking permit. You pay it and they unclamp it.

I hope that helps. Just understand that by parking on their property you are agreeing to their terms.