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Wilson Parking (Chinese: 威信停車場) is a Hong Kong-based car parking management company. It first opened for business in Perth, Western Australia in 1962, currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China. In Hong Kong, it manages some 400 car parks with 103,000 bays.

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    WA Wilson Parking claim for damages. I was not the driver!

    Hi Back in March 2019, my wife parked at a shopping centre in the car that I had given to her (but not transferred ownership). In the days previously, the carpark owner Wilson Parking had put up small signs around the carpark saying that there was now a 3 hour limit for parking there where there...
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    WA Parking Fine from Wilson Parking?

    Hey guys, I was parked in a shopping centre car park today and you get 2 hours "free" with a ticket, so I got a ticket and displayed it, however I overstayed my free allotment period past the time on my ticket by a little and when I got back to my car I had a lovely ticket from the fine people...
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    WA Parking Breach Notice from Wilson Parking - What to Do?

    I received a parking breach notice of $65 from Wilson parking due to having my purchased parking time expired. I appealed to Wilson parking due to the fact that I had actually attempted to pay for parking, however, was unable to do so due to their ticket machines not working. I attempted to pay...