NSW Child Support - Appeal?

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John Varley

21 March 2015
In 2010 I was ordered to pay child support. The Judge noted that the sale of my property to a developer owed me a minimum of $450,000. I was unable to pay $2,000 a month as ordered as the property developer would not pay. Finally in 2014 the developer went into receivership without paying. At the time of the order the Judge was correct in the assumption I would be paid. Now I must Appeal the order to pay as there are no funds. What legal cases can to high light my case in appeal.

Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Yes, your circumstances have changed, so you will need to have the amount of child support re-assessed and amended.

The court will normally have information on the procedure you'll need to follow and the forms you'll need to fill out - you can normally call the court registry people to confirm information. Also read Legal Aid NSW's information here: