QLD Centrelink says go back to work I am not disabled

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Nanny julie

26 July 2019
Will any super companies insure me after being deemed TPD by 2 super companies. Centrelink says go back to work I am not disabled


Well-Known Member
30 June 2015
I've gone back to work after being deemed TPD by a previous super fund. You only have to answer the questions they ask you, and most super funds don't underwrite the insurance component (ie don't assess each individual, they'll just scrutinise you if and when you make a claim), and thus it probably won't come up.

If you make a claim on your super's insurance for the same, or a related, ailment later, they'll probably have grounds to deny your claim, but if you incur a subsequent illness/injury that's completely unrelated to the previous TPD claim, it shouldn't be relevant.