SA Centrelink Fraud- unknowing partner Never discolosed to me

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    13 July 2018
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    Hi to all,
    I am new to this forum and I am seeking some sound advice. I took in a boarder as boarding and lodgings $100 P/W. He is on a disability full pension. That was early 2014 this turned to a relationship and I told him this will effect your rights to rent relief and advised he took the steps to remedy. He advised he would. I have never seen a Centrelink doc until recent time when he was being investigated for not declaring correct earnings. Its at this stage I find a statement as he was getting a ambulance bill reduced. I see its says PARTNED NO, ENERGY SUPPLEMENT, RENT ASSISTANCE. My house is in my name TITLE solely all bills are in my name solely, NO JOINT anything. Situation is he has gone back to using drugs and I have had to vacate my property due to Domestic Violence and threats to my life as he says dealer was busted. I have attended the property and he has removed my personal belongings some of which he has sold on G/Tree. He has been advised he can stay since its been his place of residence, issues for me I work from home and can not work, if I attend with police stand by it inflames him after they go and more abuse I cop, I attended alone yesterday to find a woman wearing my cloths and both using needles in my home. I am putting back on my big girl pants and today I am going back to fight for my home and I have told him he can rent the granny flat with access to bathroom/Laundry/ Toilet down stairs- Kitchen to cook. Includes POWER/WATER $200 per week. He is staying and cleaning my house out and having a drug den happening in there. Being as police say Its a civil matter and if he wants to fight me in court for De Facto he can start proceedings. This man came drug addicted- Cleaned up on Methadone program but has gone back to using. He has paid no bills as he has no money since late last year. I have no income and I want to report this to Centrelink. Being I had no idea he had not declared to Centrelink what happens and can I do a lease of Granny Flat. I have had no money at all off him in the month I have been gone and all he has done is sell my things and has things at Mates places that he has removed. Please help me . Cheers Sundayrose

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