SA CBD oil from Nuleaf being held at customs

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2 June 2017

I recently purchased a bottle of animal cbd oil and a 100ml of the oil from Nuleaf. Im tracking the order and it says its being held by customs. I found this link on here that indicated that from June 1 2017 it may not be legal to import. Does anyone have any advice on customs releasing the item or any legal ramifications from ordering it?
Australian Hemp Legislation - Alive Therapies


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31 October 2015
I stumbled on the linked page the other day and they are tracking the legislative changes related to hemp / cannabinoid products really closely. So yes it sounds like the oil will no longer be allowed to be brought in. You might want to call customs to explain that you have just realised that this product might not be able to be imported, but personally I would speak to a lawyer to check your position. Just so we are clear I don't think you are in trouble, I believe the fact that the changes have only just happened would be enough for them to not do anything but I can't see any way you would get the item released if it is now prohibited.