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Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal effects, and hazardous items, into and out of a country. The movement of people into and out of a country is normally monitored by immigration authorities, under a variety of names and arrangements. The immigration authorities normally check for appropriate documentation, verify that a person is entitled to enter the country, apprehend people wanted by domestic or international arrest warrants, and impede the entry of people deemed dangerous to the country.
Each country has its own laws and regulations for the import and export of goods into and out of a country, which its customs authority enforces. The import or export of some goods may be restricted or forbidden. In most countries, customs are attained through government agreements and international laws. A customs duty is a tariff or tax on the importation (usually) or exportation (unusually) of goods. Commercial goods not yet cleared through customs are held in a customs area, often called a bonded store, until processed. All authorized ports are recognized customs areas.
At airports, customs is the point of no return for all passengers, once a passenger has cleared customs, they cannot go back.

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  1. MissTB

    SA CBD oil from Nuleaf being held at customs

    Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of animal cbd oil and a 100ml of the oil from Nuleaf. Im tracking the order and it says its being held by customs. I found this link on here that indicated that from June 1 2017 it may not be legal to import. Does anyone have any advice on customs releasing...