Car bought privately interstate and falsely advertised

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Bob Wathen, 3 September 2018.

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    3 September 2018
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    I saw a vehicle on eBay which was advertised as 95% complete, and in good running condition. I missed the end of the auction (the vehicle remained unsold on the site). The vehicle was based in NSW (I am in Vic).

    I then discussed the vehicle by email with the owner, and after receiving more information I decided to purchase it for 4k. I had it shipped to me the following week at considerable cost. Unfortunately the vehicle is basically junk, and will cost many more dollars to repair than it will ever be worth.

    I contacted the seller who then told me it was a good "starting point" for a restoration. it is clearly not 95% complete. I listed the additional faults I had uncovered, and the seller denied they even existed in some cases. The seller even mentioned that 10k is a normal amount to spend restoring vehicles like this. From the pre-sale contacts by email, this was not mentioned at all. I have been taken for a ride by this seller.

    The faults listed in the advertisement were minor, and I was told it would be easily made roadworthy, which is not the case. The seller has now stopped communicating at all, despite my best efforts. They have taken my money and I am left with a heap that will cost me money to remove.

    They originally did state the vehicle was for sale without warrant and as is/where is; however the advertisement was ultimately full of untruths. I understand caveat emptor is void if there is fraud involved.

    Can anyone give me some advice please?



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