VIC Car Accident with Stolen Car with No Car Insurance - Options?

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8 September 2015
We were in a car accident on the weekend. A man in a stolen car (his girlfriends) who tested positive to drugs and who was on his phone hit our car. Obviously he had no car insurance so we had to claim through ours.

Our car insurance is going to pay out 16500 of the car is written off but we owe 20500 on our loan so we will have to pay the difference. It doesn't seem fair to me and we are now wondering if there is another way to claim this money from him. Victims of crime (since he was on drugs in a stolen car) or TAC or are there other rights we have with our car insurance company that we should know about?

We also requested our police report from the police and they said they didn't do one, only for the other drivers offences/arrest. Is this correct or should be be insisting they do one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks