Car Accident - International Driver is Hiding

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Someone crashed into the back of my car at an intersection - causing 4 cars to each hit each other. All the cars were stationary at the time, placing the blame on the car that collided with me.

Since the car accident, the guy (who is an international student, with limited income) has moved, his car has been abandoned, and he is never at home when the courts go to serve him. It's costing my parents thousands in repairs and court costs. What can we do?

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi, if you can't get him served, try an application for what is called substituted service. This may allow service instead of by personal service, by another method such as newspaper advertisement or court notice. Ring the court and ask them how to do it. It is likely each court would have their own procedure for him you go about this.
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