WA Can I End a Building Contract 13 Months into It?

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Naweed S

Active Member
14 July 2015
thanks for prompt reply. I sent the preliminary letter to the builder 14 days before I lodged the formal complaint. lt looks like building commission wants me to send the notice. officer is considering to accept my preliminary letter but not sure what is happening. if I have to send the notice, I have to wait another 14 days. are we able to get a compensation from the builder? if so, is it only about $40 per day? or can we add more?

Hmm.. I may be confusing things here but if you have sent the builder the preliminary letter with complaints, waited 14 days; and then lodged it with the commission, then the commission should be chasing up your complaint with the builder, not you. And yes, this process will take another 14 days during which the builder has to respond to said notice. Just checking, are you building in WA?

As for compensation, I don't know where I read this but I read that a standard amount was up to $250 per day. Hence, I went with $200 per day once they went over a revised specified time. I am really not 100% sure of what the going rate is but I suppose the higher it is, the more it can be negotiated to a suitable amount?

One important thing though, I feel that if you didn't include this request for compensation in your first letter to the builder, then it most likely won't be accepted as a complaint by the commission as it wouldn't have been given consideration by the builder in the first place.

I think you should ring up the commission to find out what the status is and explain that you wish to make compensation claims and if there is any room to do so now. Also, I would ask them what the process is from here. I got a posted letter from the commission explaining all the process steps going forward.


Active Member
20 July 2015
Thanks Naweed

Building commission accepted my complaint and issued an order to do the practical completion in 28 days.