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    SA Builder refusing independent inspector at PCI

    Hi, we are building a new/first home in SA under an HIA contract. The builder has amended the contract to include: "You cannot visit the site unattended. If you wish to visit the site, a request in writing must be made 72 hours before said visit and consent must be granted by us prior. Site...
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    WA Builder Says Damage to Council Fence will be My Responsibility

    Hi All Firstly. I Appreciate your help and the intent of this forum to help people. I have signed up with a large builder to build our first Home. The block we have signed up for happens to have a drainage reserve on one side and has been fully fenced and locked up by the council. My builder...
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    VIC House not built to HIA building contract requirements - Compensation?

    Hi, we went into a HIA building contract with a builder to have our house built according to their plans but with adjustments we wanted i.e extension of certain rooms. The house was built, we handed over all the money but the house wasn't built according to the signed contract which stated the...
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    WA Home Builder Missing Completion Dates - Next Step?

    Hi there, I posted on here 2 months ago an received some great advice, which led to a signed agreement between the builder and myself to extend the original contract, as they had not completed the works in this period. The new date has now passed, and from this time (as written into the signed...
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    QLD Non-Compliance of HIA Building Contract - Can Builder Seek Compensation?

    Hi, We had a house built in Brisbane early 2013 using a standard HIA building contract. At the final inspection we disagreed about the colour of the security screens. Our contract clearly states screen colour. HIA advised that screen colour was insufficient reason to withhold final payment, so...