NSW Can Foreigners Becoming Judges Under Australian Law?

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11 March 2017
I am aware that law degrees from other countries are accepted here after fulfiling some requirements, but after the foreigner gets a valid diploma here, can he be a judge?

The process to become a judge is long and complicated, not depending only on the degree to pass, but a foreigner who fulfil all the requirements to become a judge can become one? Is it legal under Australian Law? Or is there a law that prohibits this?


Well-Known Member
31 October 2015
Hi Mylena,

If someone has obtained an accepted / accredited law degree from another country I believe they need to undertake a conversion course at an Australian I'm not sure how that looks but its a certain number of courses. They usually need to do their PLT (Practical legal training).

Once they do that they are at the same place as an other Australian Lawyer, so yes they can become a Magistrate. The requirements to become a Magistrate in NSW are detailed in the Local Court Act 2007(NSW) LOCAL COURT ACT 2007 - SECT 13 Appointment and qualifications of Magistrates