Can Dad Make Child Take Communion?

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5 June 2014
My son is 10. His father is very religious and I am an atheist. My son now attends a local Catholic school due to a bullying situation at his prior public school and attends church with his dad when he has monthly visitation. Recently my son told me his dad phoned the school to insist on him taking communion from now on, which my son vehemently does not wish to do (he doesn't like being forced to take a drink of wine). My son is now asking to stay home from school to avoid communion. Under family law, which parent has the right to instruct the school about something like this? Thanks.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Let me make sure I understand this.
  1. The child lives with you most of the time.

  2. His father visits once a month.

  3. During that visit, the child goes to church with his father.
    This is not, however, the thing you have a problem with.

  4. Your problem is with the school, not the father's church.
Is there a Parenting Plan (or Parenting Orders) in place?


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8 April 2014
It seems that the school doesn't force/require students to take communion? If the school doesn't require your son to take part and its just your son's father who wants him to do so, then I think you could argue that his actions are not in the best interests of the child.
If you have a Parenting Order / Consent Order in place, then I assume it doesn't cover this situation?
Check out the Family Law courts page for some useful information about parenting principles, order and considerations.
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