NSW Family Law - 13-Year-Old Boy Refuses to Go to Dad's?

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Debbie Cauchi

28 April 2016

I have 3 kids all with special needs. My eldest son is 13 and has been diagnosed with high functioning autism and is extremely anxious and depressed every month when it is time to go to Dad's house. He claims his father degrades me in front of them and also yells at him a lot. He has meltdowns constantly about his dad.

Under Family Law, how do I go about protecting his emotional well-being and let him choose without his father blaming me as it is our son who is not wanting to go?

I do my best to encourage him to have a good relationship with his Dad but now he is very depressed and simply I feel I need to start to protect my son now.


Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
How old are the other kids? Have they expressed any opinions? Do you have court orders? Consent orders? Something else? How long has it been since separation?

Sorry for all the questions, but depends on the answers.