Australian Consumer Law - Returning Unused Online Sale Items

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Mary S

17 April 2014
I bought (or hoarded) some shoes on a sale online. I have used 2 of them and they are not comfy at all so I'm thinking I bought the wrong size on all of them. Can I still return/exchange them under Australian consumer law? I think I bought them a month ago. Thanks!

Elle W

Active Member
17 April 2014
Hello there, Mary!

I think you still can. But what's the store's return and exchange policy?
Kindly check with them first if they refuse then that's the time we'll check the Australian Consumer Law.

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
I agree with Elle W that should check the store's return policy ASAP.

In relation to sale products generally - From the Australian Consumer Law Factsheet:
"You have the same refund rights on sale items as you do on full-priced items. This is why it is illegal to display a ‘no refunds on sale items’ sign. However, you can’t claim a refund for problems the store told you about, or those you should have noticed when examining the item – for example, a tag attached to a shirt saying it is ‘reduced – faulty stitching’."