Australian Consumer Law - Problems with New Colorbond Patio and Builder

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18 July 2014
I had a new flat roofed Colorbond patio erected by a local patio business in March 2014. With recent storms and high winds, the main supporting beams from facia to posts were flexing considerably. We contacted the builder but have problems with communication so went to the local planning who looked at plans for the beam size.

I know the beam steel thickness is 2mm and 100 x 50mm by 7mtrs in length. According to the engineer plans, this beam should be either 100 x 50 x 3mm thick steel or 150 x 50 x 2mm for a beam over 6.7mtrs long. I had the planning office visit and took measurements of the patio but said they would have to ask the patio company to prove the thickness of the beams. This was 2 days ago. What legal rights and protection do I have with builder under Australian Consumer Law? I have also found rust in places on the frame, surely this should not be the case after being erected for just 4 months