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NSW As Tenant can I sue my Real Estate ?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by cathy2250, 18 February 2018.

  1. cathy2250

    cathy2250 Member

    17 January 2017
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    I am a Tenant in NSW. I am wondering if I can sue my Real Estate?. This person have made false Statutory Declaration arguing some facts who are no true. Also, and becaue we are going to the Court because she do not want to give me my Bond back the result its a huge amount of stress who have a serious impact on my Health. I am chronicly ill and this stress make me more sick. She try to describe us as very bad. We hav signed a 12 months lease but after 8 months she kicked us out because the property was for sale and she said (verbally) the house should be better presented if our furniture was not here. I want to sue the Company and as for compensation as this move have put us in a financial distress
  2. Clancy

    Clancy Well-Known Member

    6 April 2016
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    Tenancy disputes

    When you first move into a rental property, it is a good idea to take detailed pictures of everything and have those pictures notarized. You don't know what you may miss on the written notes, but pictures record everything. So that way the landlord cannot succeed to make you be held responsible for any issue that was already there before you moved in.

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