SA Are employees entitled to compensation for travelling internationally for business at weekends?

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New Member
27 June 2022
I work as an engineer in Adelaide, in a permanent, full-time, salaried position.

My contract states that I am sometimes required to work outside normal business hours, which happens often, and for which I receive overtime pay (1.5x hourly rate after 6 pm and on Saturdays, and 2.0x hourly rate on Sundays, including travel time).

Occasionally I am required to travel internationally at weekends to attend mandatory technical training courses specific to my role with this employer. These trips take at least 32 hours in each direction, i.e. each training course typically requires me to spend around 65 hours travelling in my own time.

My employer pays for all trip-related expenses, including flights, ground transportation, food and accommodation, but refuses to pay me anything for the 65 hours spent travelling in my own time. Their reasoning is that the trips are for internal training, and that they don't need to pay me for travel time unless the work is customer-facing.

Is there any legislation covering an employer's obligation to compensate employees for mandatory international travel time at weekends? Or is this standard practice in Australia, that employees are expected to give up their time for free, because the travel is for the purpose of attending training?

Thank you for any replies.