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The Fair Work Act 2009 is an Australian law passed by the Rudd Government after coming into power in 2007 to reform the industrial relations system in Australia, commencing on 1 July 2009. It repealed the previous Howard Government's WorkChoices 2005 legislation and started a new series, still in force as of September 2020 The Act established Fair Work Australia, later renamed the Fair Work Commission.
The related Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 superseded the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (which had in turn superseded the Industrial Relations Act 1988).

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  1. Thenamesnoah

    VIC better pay

    Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Bill 2022 What would be some of the legal implications of the bill being imposed? I am curious to hear what other's views on the matter are.
  2. S

    VIC s55 Fair Work Act (NES Protections) - EA reduces scope of redundancy scenarios but offers greater compensation

    As a result of a restructure there have been changes to my role. While the significance of those changes is a matter of dispute between myself and my employer, in the absence of the Enterprise Agreement they would certainly trigger a redundancy payment under s119 of FW Act (which only requires...
  3. G

    NSW Non genuine redundancy/unfair dismissal?

    Hi, just seeking peoples thoughts on this situation. I have been employed by company X for over 15 years. Company X is whom i am paid by. For the last few years I have also been working for an associated entity which takes up majority of my working hours, lets call this company Y. I was made...
  4. P

    QLD Accessorial Liability for Employer Representative by signing F8A response - General Protection

    Is an employer representative who signed the employer F8A response outlining contraventions of the Fair Work Act an accessorial liability under Section 550 of the Fair Work Act 2009 ? This is an aspect of law that does not seem to have been tested. If an employer representative signs the F8A...
  5. T

    NSW Can Employee Make a Claim Under Independent Contractors Act 2006?

    Only a party to the contract can apply to make a claim under the Independent Contractors Act 2006. Is an employee of an independent contractor considered a party to a contract with the principal? If the answer is no and a claim relates to "remuneration at a rate that is, or is likely to be...
  6. H

    VIC Commercial Law - The Effect of Company Spin-offs on Members?

    Hello all. I am not an investor and know nothing about company or commercial law. I am, however, a member of an Australian Wide Breed Society with around 3500 members. As only one body is recognised by the world governing body, the Society is an Australian monopoly. The Company Articles...
  7. S

    NSW Employer Rescinded Employment Offer - Compensation?

    Hi, I had an employer send me an email confirming full time permanent employment, start date, salary and invited me to ask any questions ahead of the start date and also that a formal letter of offer (employment contract) would be emailed to me. After reading the email, I phoned the employer...
  8. C

    VIC Using Personal Leave for Medical Appointments?

    My question concerns the kind of leave and amount of leave taken for normal medical appointments, in-surgery procedures and so on. It seems to be the situation that sick leave can now only be taken when you are sufficiently sick so as not to be able to work. The standard advice on the Web seems...
  9. M

    NSW Employment Contract - Ordinary Hours of Work - More than 38 Hours?

    Hi, My employment contract states 'Ordinary Hours of Work' are between 8:30am and 5:30pm with a 1-hour lunch. This will make a 40 hour week. I understand under Fair Work Act that the maximum working hours are 38 hours. My employment contract also says I will be required to work reasonable...
  10. L

    QLD Unfair Dismissal - Is My Employer a Small Business Employer?

    Hello, I was employed by an Australian Public Company for 11 months & 17 days before my employment was terminated with 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice. The official reason given was that the "business is being sold with a change in business structure". The actual reason is that the Managing...