QLD Any Recourse Against False Statements by Husband's Ex?

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11 January 2017
Hello, I am a new poster but a long time reader.

Will try to make this as brief as possible.

1. My husband had been single for 10 years when we met. He was still friendly with his ex wife. The minute I came on the scene, she started 3 years of harassment and stalking, all evidence of which I still have on file. We didn't do anything about it (but should have).

One day I snapped, and did two things in revenge (a fake ad with an item for sale online and posting non-offensive material to her house).

2. She then filed stalking charges against me, based on these two items, plus a huge list of other things I did not do. (E.g. every bit of junk mail she received she claimed I sent, every phone call she received from a telemarketer she claimed was from me, etc).

These were every day items most of us would receive in the mail or via phone, nothing to do with me organising them. There was approx 16 other alleged things she claimed I did.

3. Police interviewed me, I admitted to the two things I did (because I do believe in correcting your mistakes). Went to court and pleaded guilty, no conviction recorded.

4. Now, the kicker of the story comes with my stepson (her son/my husband's son). He has recently admitted that his mother and her boyfriend threatened him if he didn't make a statement against me too. The statement is completely full of lies, and he has emailed me explaining everything that they threatened to do to him if he didn't make this statement against me.

He has provided a copy of the statement to us, and we note that it is unsigned. He says the police did not ask him to sign it at any stage. I suspect that if the mother and boyfriend made the son make a false statement, both of theirs were probably false too.

My questions are:

1. Would there be a reason the son wasn't asked to sign the statement? He was 19 at the time so not underage.

2. Do I have any recourse against the mother and her boyfriend ? Also, can I take any action against my stepson? (Please don't think I am harsh, but we are mostly estranged from him due to his ongoing terrible behaviour and owing us money).

3. Lastly, if I can take action against them in any way, because I am located in a regional area, I don't particularly want to deal with the local detectives again (attitude issues they seem to have) - can I go to another location or must it be dealt with in the local area?

Thank you to anyone who can offer some help.


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27 September 2015
So unless stepson is prepared to make a statement to the cops, I reckon you're on a hiding to nothing. Now if you no longer have any contact with these people why not move on and forget it rather than raking up some history and causing more grief.

I think the cops would not be interested especially not with a statement from stepson to confirm that he was forced to make the statement.