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12 December 2020
I received a speeding fine today stating that I was driving 48km/h on a 40km/h zone. I use this particular road, Rosanna Road, from time to time and to my knowledge it is a 60km/h zone. Checking information from the internet and found out that part of the Rosanna Road has been changed to 40km/h since May this year. I didn’t travel to this part of the city since the lockdown started. But since the ease of restriction, beginning of November, I have drove through this road 5 times, (I always travel via Banksia Street, turn right into Dora Street, then turn right into Rosanna Road), the last trip was on 5 December. All those times, I don’t remember seeing any 40km/h speed limit sign after I turned right into Rosanna Road. I do remember the 40km/h sign further down Rosanna Road (which I do slow down to 40). I drove to Rosanna Road today and found out that there are now two 40km/h speed limit signs, one of them is the flashing red wording of 40km/h and the other one is the standard signage about 50m away from the first one. The speeding fine that I received today was for my first time travelling down Rosanna Road since the ease of restriction. I am afraid there are more fines coming as I thought it is 60km/h. What is the best way to appeal? Is there anyway that I could find out when exactly were those speeding sign installed? Thanks in advance.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Follow the instructions on the back of the notice to "court-elect" the offence.
Then, make an appointment with @Tony Danos for specialist traffic law advice.
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