QLD Allianz Travel Insurance rejected my $2,000 claim

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New Member
4 August 2014
I have tried to claim travel insurance with Allianz, for about $2,000-when I lost my passport overseas last year-they are telling me one thing, that I wasn't covered for my return dates, but they are telling the travel agent, other info that, I'm not eligible because I either left my passport/credit cards etc-behind in hotel, when I checked out or I left them on public transport-which I did not/& I only checked out AFTER I lost/misplaced passport etc-to be closer to embassy-to help me get back to Australia.


Hi NJobling,

Insurers will often try to find a technicality on which to deny you cover, but often with a bit of persistence you can (i) get them to pay up, or (ii) at least get a clear cut answer out of them as to why not - that makes sense.

What an insurer is and is not required to pay out to you will all be within the insurance policy. Therefore my first recommendation is to be familiar with what is in the policy. Then advise our insurer that you are dissatisfied with their response and request that they provide you with a clear statement as to why coverage is not being extended with specific reference to the clauses of the insurance policy that they are relying on to deny you cover. If they can provide a reasonable explanation with reference to the policy then you are out of luck.

However if they do not provide a reasonable explanation, I would continue to harass them until they do. Make sure that if you call them you make accurate diary notes of your conversations and keep records of all correspondence and conversations with the insurer. Also, ensure you have all your ducks in a row before contacting them. Have a record of what you did on what date and any evidence you have to support your assertions.

You can also threaten a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. If that doesn't work then proceed with a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman - they are responsible for dispute resolution with insurers. Here is their website linkhttp://www.fos.org.au/about-us/what-we-do.jsp They provide information on the website regarding how to commence a dispute etc.


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11 July 2014
Hi NJobling

As Sophea says, look carefully at the policy wording. It can be dry, but it is critical.

Also check the insured dates on your insurance certificate to see whether the event took place within these.